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At Two Tails Grooming Salon, it is all about your dog! We will care for them just as we would our own dog: with lots of love!​
Every dog that comes into our salon is pampered with our Basic Package:
*$Base Price
Luxurious bath with Iv San Bernard shampoo and conditioner
-(Specially mixed for your dog's skin and coat type)

 Fluff dry

Brush out

Clipper and scissor work to compliment your preferences

Nail trim

Ear cleaning

Bow or bandana

Scented spritz upon request


*Prices vary because every dog is different. A One-on-One consultation with your dog is required for a quote and to schedule your first appointment with us. 


Upgrade Your Dog's Experience!
















Toothbrushing - $10

Nail Grinding - $10

Luxury Shampoo/Conditioner - $10

Pick 2, Save $2

Pick 3, Save $5

Shed Control Treatment 

Your vacuum's best friend! We use a combination of a specially formulate shampoo and conditioner with various brushing techniques to get rid of up to 90% of shedding. 


Small/Medium Dogs - $15

Large Dogs - $25

Extra Large/Giant Dogs - $35+

And to the pooches that need a little extra tender loving care, we offer:


flea and tick treatments

de-skunk treatment

dematting (depending on severity)

special handling with senior/behavior issue dogs


Nails Only:


Nail Trim - $15.00


Nail Trim + Grind - $25.00


PAWdicure – Nail Trim + Grind, Pad Shaving, Paw Balm - $30.00


PAWdicure Plus – Nail Trim + Grind, Pad Shaving, Light Feet Trim, Paw Balm, Ear Cleaning, Cologne Spritz - $40.00

Ear Cleaning - $5

Teethbrushing - $10




*There will be an extra charge for:

de-shed treatment, dematting, special handling for dogs with special needs (arthritis/surgery recovery), dogs with behavioral complications, and

missed appointments.

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