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Our Mission

At Two Tails Grooming Salon, our mission is to provide exceptional grooming services that enhance the health, happiness, and well-being of every dog we serve. Through our commitment to professional expertise, compassionate care, and personalized attention, we aim to create a safe and comfortable environment where dogs feel valued and cherished. Our dedication to excellence drives us to continuously improve our skills, utilize the latest grooming techniques, and prioritize the individual needs of each furry client. With integrity, passion, and a genuine love for dogs, we strive to exceed expectations, foster lasting relationships with both pets and their owners, and become a trusted partner in their journey towards optimal grooming and overall happiness.

About Us

Since 2015, Two Tails Grooming Salon has strived to foster trust and well-being for both pets and their owners through a commitment to excellence in dog grooming services. We prioritize building trust with your pet by employing Fear-Free techniques, ensuring safety and comfort through proper handling, patience, and ergonomic grooming equipment suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages. We also have experience in rehabilitating dogs averse to grooming, as well as accommodating dogs with disabilities or special needs.


We strive to build trust with the owner by facilitating two-way communication through convenient text messaging, offering Saturday appointments for busy schedules, and providing updates during grooming sessions regarding your pet's health and behavior. Our dedication to customer education includes offering advice on maintaining a healthy coat at home, tailored product recommendations, and scheduling guidance.


We deliver premium grooming services through continuous education, embracing holistic practices that consider the well-being of pets, owners, and groomers alike. Our meticulous approach includes hand-scissored finishes, adherence to breed standards, and the use of premium Iv San Bernard products. Iv San Bernard is certified with the Safe Pet Cosmetic Program, ensuring safe and effective grooming practices, including personalized product formulations for individual skin and coat needs.


Our commitment to education extends to ongoing certification as Canine Aestheticians, enabling us to provide solutions to skin and coat issues based on a deep understanding of the science behind grooming products. We create a relaxing atmosphere with the use of essential oils, one-on-one appointments, and a free-roam environment. Cleanliness is paramount, maintained with pet-safe cleaning products.


At Two Tails Grooming Salon, we offer transparency throughout the grooming process with our open-concept setup, allowing you to observe your pet's well-being at any time. Our mission is to provide not just grooming services, but a holistic experience that promotes the health, happiness, and trust of every pet and owner we serve.

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